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The Diamond Collection™ by Tarek and Christina

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Product Overview

A lake, the peace of mother nature, and the whistles of the wind, the light sparkles on little ripples of water. Many world famous diamonds were found in or around lakes. Their light attracts the attention of those who discover them. The Diamond Collection is a reflection, a new way of creating materials that will make your home your own precious gem.

  • Quality Surfaces and Countertops

    The material forged to reproduce the effect heat has on creating diamonds was discovered in Italy and is known as metallic quartz; a beautiful choice for your beautiful home.

  • An Unforgettable Style

    The Diamond Collection was inspired by the sentiment that love is forged with passion, and diamonds are forged by heat.

  • Designed for Looks that Last Forever

    The line kicks off with agglomerates and slabs available in four stunning colors. Additionally, the line includes 3 unique, large (4”x10”) Subway GRAND glass mosaics options.


  • The Diamond Collection is maintenance-free: no polishing, sealing, or reconditioning is required
  • The Diamond Collection is not porous like a natural stone or concrete slabs. A nonporous surface makes for easier cleaning and better hygiene.
  • The Diamond Collection is infused with ForeverSeal® so it’s stain-, scratch-, and heat-resistant.