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Product Overview

There are many reasons TREND Transformation’s granite countertops are so popular. They are sealed with our uniquely designed ForeverSeal® polymer resin that ensures our countertops are nonporous, stain-resistant, and scratch-resistant. Unlike ordinary granite, our countertops will never require sealing.

  • Quality Granite Countertops and Surfaces

    At TREND Transformations, quality is priority number one. Our granite countertops and granite surfaces are made from the highest quality granite in the world, and designed with superior engineering techniques. It’s no wonder why our granite surfaces are among the most popular in the industry.

  • Unforgettable Style

    When it comes to granite, the beauty is in the details. Choose from a variety of unique flecking patterns, color variations, and swirls. Our granite surfaces can be used in any room in the house, including your kitchen, bathroom, or even around your living room fireplace.

  • Designed to Last

    Granite combines the perfect balance of beauty and practicality. Each item in our granite countertops and surfaces collection is built with durability and style in mind.


ASTM Test Test Description Trend Stone Mid-range Ordinary Granite
ASTMC 373-88 (94) Water Absorption Less than 0.2% Greater than 0.39%
ASTMC 484-86 (93) Thermal Shock Resistance No evidence of any failure or damage No evidence of any failure or damage
ASTMC 256-93a Pendulum Impact Resistance (J/M) is 7.4 + 0.5 (J/M) is 6.3 + 0.7
ASTMC 648-84 (94) Breaking Strength M.O.R 49.4 + 2.5 Mpa* M.O.R 34.3 + 2.5 Mpa*
ASTMC 790M-93 Flexural Strength Mpa 28.1* Mpa 15.3*
ASTMC 1028-96 Friction Coefficient Dry test 0.91Wet test 0.63 A coefficient of friction greater than 0.5 is generally recognized as providing nonhazardous walkway
ASTMC 1712-89 Sulphide Staining No evidence of any staining or discoloration No evidence of any staining or discoloration
ASTMC 696-1 Linear Thermal Expansion No unusual behavior observed in expansion or contraction No unusual behavior observed in expansion or contraction
ASTMC 1243-93 Resistance to Deep Abrasive Wear 102.7 + 9.2 136.5 + 7.7
DIN 51961-63 Resistance to Cigarette Embers All stains disappeared Yellow stained halo remained