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Product Overview

Our traditional glass mosaic tiles are veined with enamels, Aventurine stone, or semi-transparent glass to give a classic Italian look to your home or commercial remodeling project. Our mosaic tiles provide an elegant selection that emphasizes aesthetics and craftsmanship.

  • Quality

    Glass Mosaic Tiles have been used for centuries around the world. They come in a wide range of qualities. TREND Transformations only uses the highest quality, luxuriously smooth and luminously colored Mosaic Tiles.

  • Style

    You want your dream space to be as unique as your imagination. Our Mosaic Tiles come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Our signature collections — Liberty, Subway and Metropolis — are handmade and highlight natural variations.

  • Design

    TREND Transformations Mosaics are a uniquely elegant choice. Nothing says classic yet stays on the cutting edge like these distinctively designed tiles.


  • Adds value and charm to any home.
  • No messy demolition required to install.
  • One-day installations.
  • Resists heat, cold, stains, scratches, and more.
  • Durable and functional.
  • Lifetime limited material warranty.
  • We fabricate and install all of our own products.